Top Ten Technologies 2019 in Computer Science


Either it’s your personal life or your professional life, change is a must. We as human beings like change. We like to explore different things. This is the very nature of human beings that push them forward. As it is said that there is only one permanent thing and that is change. As we know very well that we live in an advanced era. This era demands new technology inventions for people who adapt to change and constantly change themselves for the better. These are the latest technologies and inventions.

Some technical requirements are high on demand in the market. These are the latest technologies in computer science. Following is the list of latest technologies in computer science: 

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RPA is artificial intelligence. It is the latest technology trends in information technology. It is a process that uses software robots to get the job done.

There are chances of errors in human work. But when we know that the work is going to be done by robots then there is very little possibility of any error. RPA makes tasks easy and quick for people. People can focus on other things when RPA lower down their burden. 

2Big Data

Big data is a mastermind in other words. It is designed in a way that it can handle and analyze different complex things. It can sort out things that are too large or complex to be handled by any other casual data-processing. 

A surprising act about big data is that it was one of the many reasons why Germany won the world cup. 

The two most popular frameworks which work as agents for big data problems are Spark and Hadoop.

3Intelligent Apps

 Intelligent apps are also called as I-Apps. What are I-Apps? I-Apps are small pieces of software that are designed to work for mobiles. They also work as artificial intelligence. They are made to make people’s lives and their regular tasks easier. Now the question is that what I-Apps are good at?

They organize emails. They are very useful for people who are very busy to handle such things all along by themselves. I-Apps like Chatbots and virtual assistance are examples of intelligent apps.

These can also be used to handle meetings and scheduling them. This is the latest technology in the world. With time such apps are gaining more and more popularity. With the passage of time, it will be an emerging technology of 2020

4Internet of Things

Internet of Things is also known as IoT as a short term. It is no more a complicated word because everyone knows about it. Information technology trends are rising day by day.

When we say the internet of things, it includes everything from mobile phones to our home appliances. It includes all the mechanical and digital machines. IoT connects various devices and thus creates a network. IoT helps to control the traffic system, through the latest technology gadgets that manage the waste system and it can also be used for energy purposes. 


 It is a methodology and not technology but still, we add this in the list. It’s methodology because it holds the idea that the development and operation go hand in hand. 

6Angular and React

Angular and React are considered frameworks that work based on JavaScript. They create modern web applications. They suggest that how the apps can be structured.

Through angular and react we can create a web app that will be highly advanced. Through angular and react we can also create a mobile app using the same knowledge. Its best part is that its an open-source library. 

7Cognitive Cloud Computing 

Through this one can create applications like cognitive computing. It brings to the masses through the cloud deployments. This is considered as one of the most important evolutions in the IT industry.

It understands the complexities of Big Data. That is how experts can make better decisions. Cognitive and cloud computing comes under one of the top technologies which are trending in 2020.

Top brands know their importance very well. So they are all set to implement this to boast up the tech for the next generation for the upcoming market. 

8Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 

VR and AR very similar technologies through which we can make experiences in virtual. It means that through software we can experience different things. And it is used by many businesses big or small. It may look simple but one gets into complicated and complex things after analyzing it.

AR technology is used by the students of medicine while practicing surgery in environments well controlled. VR technology helps in gaming and marketing which is interactive. AR and VR are very important skills in the virtual field. However, your interest may differ. 


Bitcoins are powered by this technology. This is the technology that made the new currency that has influenced the whole world. It is an emerging technology that came with much potential to reach everything from healthcare to law enforcement.

It is the latest technology in software development. If a person is successful to understand the functionality of blockchain then his career can be so secured.

10Artificial Intelligence Technology 

Artificial Intelligence or AI came to be even before the arrival of the internet. We can see AI everywhere today. Latest technology updates have become very popular. Artificial intelligence has made the world so addicted to its use that now it seems impossible to work without it.

Human imitated nature from day one. Like having the idea of colors from flowers, he with time managed to transfer its intelligence to the machines. Today we can see the machines which work like they have brains. With time, the machines are becoming more intelligent to solve out different problems out of human reach. It is no wonder if we say that there will be a time when robots will be seen everywhere ad it will become a normal thing.

Then AI is also helping in the advancement of education. AI is also used in household affairs. We can see machinery everywhere working for us to ease our life. Man is becoming lazier day by day by handing over all its tasks to the robots. That’s the reason that if we look a few centuries back then we can see and make a fine comparison that how man has made rapid changes.

From the Stone Age to today’s era, man has changed possibly everything. But we hope that the rapid changes brought by the technologies make this world a better place and not a disaster or hell. 


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