Trying to find a lost animal is a heartbreaking experience. These pet GPS trackers will help you keep an eye on your furry friends and worry less about their whereabouts. We compare 20 different GPS trackers to find the 10 best options on the market.

Most of our decisions are based on 3G networks for their cellular signal rather than previous generation 2G networks which are not as reliable and are gradually phasing out.

Only a few GPS trackers rely on 4G LTE networks. This is the same signal your smartphone uses as the signal puts more strain on the trackers’ batteries. A necklace called RAWR hopes to change this but has yet to hit the market.

It should be noted that virtually all pet GPS trackers require a monthly subscription to take advantage of all of the benefits. Just like paying a bill for your phone, you have to pay a fee to keep the GPS tracker connected to a network. For pet owners on a budget, we’ve added a few options that don’t require a monthly fee. So shop our favorite pet GPS trackers below. That way, you can always have peace of mind knowing where your furry friend is.

Whistle Go Discover GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Tracker


In addition to providing live GPS tracking of pets, Whistle Go Explore can send SMS and email notifications to its users as well as medication reminders when needed. This device is shock and water resistant, and it also monitors your pet’s activity to make sure they are getting enough exercise for their age and breed.

The device’s battery can last up to 20 days at a time. Whistle requires a subscription and costs between $ 7 and $ 10 per month. Works best with pets 8 pounds or more.

 Smart GPS-Fi collar

 Smart GPS-Fi collar
Smart GPS-Fi collar

Fi is the first GPS collar that can last up to 3 months on a single charge. That’s right, 3 months. Whether you have an escape artist as a dog, someone who loves to be on a leash, or just a more careful owner, Fi is the collar for you.

The Fi is the first intelligent collar of the LTE-M cellular network with low power consumption. The smart collar uses any Bluetooth Low Energy enabled devices in your area to determine your location and transmit all tracking to the Fi app so you can see your dog even when you are not walking.

 Jiobit location tracking

Jiobit’s location tracking platform uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellphone, and GPS to monitor your pet. What we love most is its incredibly small size, which makes it a great choice for cat mothers and fathers. Due to its small size and lightness, it can be easily attached to your baby’s fur neck.

Spot Trace GPS Tracking

If you’re taking your four-legged friend on a hike or camping trip and are worried about a breakup, we recommend the Spot Trace. It uses satellite tracking software to show you the exact location of your pet. In addition, you can configure the device to send instant notifications via SMS or email when the tracker moves.

 Tile Pro

 Tile Pro

The latest generation of the Tile Pro tracker has a removable battery and a Bluetooth connection with a range of 400 feet. You can only track your pet and send their location when they are in range of another Tile user. Lightweight and waterproof, the tile is a solid option for pets who aren’t used to being too far from you and your living space.

 Link Plus Smart Dog Tracker

This Link AKC smart dog collar not only tracks your puppy via GPS but also helps you monitor his or her activity level. The device also monitors temperature changes and notifies you when your pet leaves the designated safe areas. The reflective fabric collar is ideal for nighttime escape artists. The AKC Link Collar has an elegant charging station. You can control its functions and settings via a smartphone app. It is compatible with any standard collar between 3/4 and 1 inch wide.

 Pet Tractive GPS Tracker

 This Tractive Pet Tracker has cellular and GPS network connectivity, which makes it more versatile than most. You can even set up a virtual fence for your pet and receive a mobile notification when they leave the designated safety zone.

FitBark Pet GPS Tracker

The FitBark GPS is an all-in-one tracker that allows you to monitor your pup’s mobility, stress, itching, and location. You can create safe zones using Wi-Fi networks. When your puppy leaves this defined region, he will receive a notification on his phone.

Eureka Technology Marco Polo pet tracking system

The Marco Polo Pet Tracking System from Eureka Technology can monitor your pet using radar technology with a range of up to 3 km. The collar has a battery that lasts up to 6 weeks without charging, making the device easy to maintain. This is the best option for pet owners who don’t want to pay a monthly fee to use a cellular network.

 Garmin TT 15 dog device

While the Garmin was designed for hunting breeds, it can also be used in residential areas. This collar offers a sturdy, fully waterproof design and an impressive range of 14 km. You can expect about 30 hours of battery life before you need to charge the battery. To wear this collar, your puppy must have a minimum neck size of 9.5 inches.


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