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technology trends

In this article, we are going to discuss the top technology trends in 2020. We hope that the following article is going to be very informative for you. Read the article thoroughly and don’t forget to tell us in comments about your views.

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1Cloud Computing -Technology Trends 2020

Cloud computing is really beneficial for IT professionals. It helps them to save their data. The resources can also be accessed through the internet. The customers just have to pay for the cloud space and for that they can solve their storage and security problems.

Cloud computing is not just limited to provide you the storage but it is also supporting some advancements in the field of information technology like artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is not so common yet so for that reason, it is expensive for some businesses. And for others, it might be inaccessible. Cloud computing is paving ways for innovators through machine learning. 

2Latest Monitoring and Predicting Technology

It is very important for the software to work and run smoothly and without any errors. Bad software can damage the company’s name as well as its time and investment.

Through cognitive systems, errors can be detected and predicted. This can be a great benefit for companies as they can quickly respond to the errors before any further damage.

It is very easy for a person who has mastered in IT to save their employers from a dangerous or damaging situation. 

3Zero-Knowledge Proofs Technology

With time, people are becoming more concerned about their privacy concerns. So many apps are unable to satisfy their users in terms of privacy.

That is why this issue made headlines. So that’s why zero-knowledge proofs are in demand more than anything. This advancement got the most hype after the recognition of cryptocurrency.

People had so many privacy concerns issues with cryptocurrency. The purchase of the cryptocurrency can expose people. 

Zero-knowledge proofs are very alert in terms of privacy. They keep the people hidden while their transactions. In business, leaking of privacy can do real damage to the business. The businessmen for this reason are looking forward to this advancement so that their private information could be at a safer place.

An example of a zero-knowledge proof is zk-SNARK. This can be helpful in securing private information. However, it has some problems with low speed and that it takes time to set up. In case if the cryptographic key gets compromised then the whole system can fall apart. 

As we know that the world is doing so many advancements and we can expect that this technology too will get better and advanced with time. Hence, zero-knowledge proofs technology helping us a lot and had a positive effect on our daily lives.


As there is a famous saying that necessity is the mother of invention. And there is absolutely no doubt about this. We can see that behind every technology or behind any invention, there has always been a need.

Similarly, when electricity was not introduced there were rapid breakouts and then people realized that there must be something which can provide the light.

Today no one can imagine a day or even a few hours without electricity. It was initially studied by Benjamin Franklin and then with a lot of experiments made by Nikola Tesla, it became possible for him to turn it into power. 

5Laser Technology

Laser was discovered in 1960. The doctors didn’t know where they can be used even after discovering.

But with the use of laser has been so common that we can see it everywhere in different forms. Even on a daily basis, people come in contact with the laser. 

6Semiconductor Chips Technology

Sometimes it happens that one technology paves the way for another one. Similarly, after tablets and cell phones the semiconductor chips came through them laptops were introduced. 

7Quantum Computing Technology

Personal computers were an invention that no one can forget because it changed our lives and still it is coming with new modifications.

Recently in 2019, an announcement was made regarding quantum computer which comes with quantum mechanics.

These mechanics boost up its speed and it can solve a problem that is not possible for a standard computer to solve. So this will also inspire other explorers to come up with such computers in the future.

8The ElevatorTechnology Trends

Today we can see tall buildings everywhere. When humans made skyscrapers then he felt an immediate need of an elevator so that people don’t have to go to the upper floors through stairs. So today we can’t even imagine a tall building without having an elevator. Elevators are even available in malls as well.

With the arrival of different kinds and styles of elevators, the architectures began to design their buildings accordingly. So the elevators also came up with a new thought for the architectures.

Then with time, an elevator named as MULTI was invented. It came up with a very unique style because it was the first elevator that could move both vertically as well as horizontally. Its style gives the architectures new ideas so that they can plan new styles that can be made in urban and advanced cities. 

9The Human Genome ProjectTechnology Trends

The human genome project or the HGP has done wonders in the field of medicine. It has left a great impact on medicine like no other.

The reason is that it has enabled researchers to have an insight into the human body and its genes and proteins. It gives the scientific studies to have a proper analysis of genes and the diseases that are associated with them.

This really gave a big rise to the biotech companies which every now and then seek ways to improve healthcare. 

10The Automobile- Technology Trends

Automobile or cars have changed the world’s living style altogether. After the first car, there was another and then another and it never stopped at one point. It was because there was a high demand for cars because the world was getting obsessed with this new technology.

In the next generation, we will be able to see cars that will amaze us even more by its technology. Many companies have started working on automated cars. So it is quite possible that cars like automated, hybrid cars and electric cars will definitely be there.

They will rule the world and stay with us for centuries or till the arrival of some more advanced technology. 

11The Latest Smartphone Technology

We all are aware of the importance of cell phones. However, some of us think that it has confined the world and people have become anti-social but still its importance cannot be denied.

The most interesting thing about technology trends is that it gets advanced with time and there is no going back. Similarly, the 1st mobile phone and the mobile phone we use today are totally different. We look forward that the world gets a better place by technology and its advancements. 

In this article, we have shared with you the top technology trends of 2020. Please tell us in the comments about your views on technology trends.


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