Technology Advancement Essay 2020


We are rapidly influenced by technology and its revolution. With time, it is becoming faster. It has become necessary for all the tech companies to become speedy; otherwise, they will be left behind quickly. The reason is that there is much competition nowadays and one cannot afford laziness.

So one must keep the speed in mind and act accordingly. There is one thing that tech companies can take help from. If they work by continuing the trends in mind that will help them grow a lot. And it will also boost up their speed.

A businessman must have to be a great opportunist. However, all the companies related to tech should think in advance that what changes and advancement may occur in the future. That is how they will be able to act and work accordingly.

Following are some of the trends that are very much likely to happen in 2020.

15G Data Networks

As we know that 3G and 4G have already come to town and have influenced the whole world. Both of these are the best examples of technological advancement.

Now what we are expecting in the future is the 5G network. It will boost up the speed to download and upload things like never before. 5G data network has been introduced, but it is still costly and not affordable. However, with time, it is expected that it will become as popular and familiar as the other networks like 3G and 4G.

The companies will also work for more excellent coverage so that everyone can use it and have fun. This is the best example of the rapid advancement of technology.

It is evident that all the big companies are very professional and speech on technology advancement has been done and they always hire and look for the best. With the arrival of 5G, their machines and technologies will work speedily.

And for this reason, science and technology advancements are on their peak and no one will use the old networks running through wires slowly in our homes and offices.

This is a technological advancement in business. The high speed of 5G will allow the robots and machines to transfer their data with much top speed. So that will make the IoT and smart machinery more advanced than ever. 

2Autonomous Driving

The automated thing is not a thing yet, which we can see running on every road. But still, it is very much likely that autonomous vehicles will be available for public use very soon. An automated company owner said that he expects his company to create a completely automatic car by the end of the year 2020.

We can assume that we will be able to see the vehicles working from lesser even more common in the future. However, automated technology is not just limited to cars and Driving, but it has reached other technologies. The world is increasingly computerized and automatic.

It is becoming more dependent on data capture and analytics. In California, the Waymo company has just tried a trial of automates taxies. The automated cabs in its first-month test gave a ride to 6200 people. 

Automated technology has not just hit the cars, but it also includes trucks. Transportation and shipping are becoming more automated. It is more likely that in the year 2020, there will be many headlines throughout the year 2020 about automated technology. 

Now, if automated technology hits every town, it is evident that the government will have to take some significant traffic steps. There will be new laws for the traffic system and social attitudes needed. In the year 2020, people will not ask whether automated technology will happen or not, but now people are eagerly waiting that WHEN will it become available for public use. 

3New medical Technology 2020

There is a great importance of technology in healthcare. Now in Medical field innovations in healthcare are very advanced.

Technology in medicine is affecting everything that also includes health. It is transforming the health system as well. Smartwatches are created to predict and treat health issues. We can predict the problem and health issues in people even before they experience any symptoms. This is one of the best medical technologies.

It is not only limited to prediction, but it has also improved the treatment system. New medical devices for 2020 have been inventing. This allows the doctors to be surer about the prescription of medicines, and they can apply treatments accordingly. It can be much useful for different patients. 

There has been a significant breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence and genomics. Advancement in medicine gives us an insight into how much a human body is capable of fighting with a particular disease. These are the benefits of technology in medicine.

It also tells us that if the human body will be good or not to compete with an illness. Doctors can even know the human body’s reaction from a particular medication or treatment. So they don’t have to check the medicines by social experiments since they can already understand the latest technology.

Technological advancement in healthcare over the past 20 years has been enhanced. And the advancement in medical laboratory technology has been also enhanced and the hospital technology equipment is also modernizing day by day. Technology in healthcare today is at its peak.

However, we can expect that in the coming years, there will be more progress in the field of medicines, and it will improve the health system like never before. Hence, we can say that future of medicine in 2050 will be very bright.

4Computer Vision

In computer language, vision is considered a system that can identify things or items. It is artificial intelligence. It can locate your images if you insert them. One excellent example is Google Image Search. Now in our cell phones, the camera tells us that in a whole picture, which part carries our face, and this is because of the technology

It is the rapid advancement of technology, which is making every individual more into mobiles. Now everyone uses mobiles because of the technology. The autonomous cars will be free from human use. They are designed in a way that they can alarm us and protect us from danger.

They are instructed to remain highly alert of their surroundings. So that humans can trust such vehicles and go for their purchase. The companies that are working on automated cars have inserted cameras in the cars to watch any danger or defect. That is how the vehicles will be able to update us if anything gets out of order. It will no longer need humans to watch and monitor them 24/7.

As we can see that in mobiles, we are frequently seeing the feature through intelligent apps that enable face recognition. So we should be ready for such updates and features in our mobiles.


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