New Gadgets for health and fitness in 2020 ; Must read

Smart swimming goggles
Smart swimming goggles

New Gadgets for health and fitness in 2020

New Gadgets for health
New Gadgets for health

It is very difficult for you to run away from health and fitness equipment and in fact no sane person would want it. The best of these machines will help you track your fitness progress and stay focused as you work toward your health and fitness goals for the year.

Last month, Las Vegas (the center of world-famous casinos) hosted the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which is considered the global stage for innovation.

The show witnessed a lot of innovative new technology from popular casino developers that you can see here, and some of them are smart new technologies for health and fitness.

After the show, people started speculating about how many of these technologies we would see in stores in the near future. However, we bet that the first device on the list will be a best seller by the end of the year. See here for


  1. Smart toothbrush

Smart toothbrush
Smart toothbrush

These toothbrushes are wired so that you can track your brushing behavior to find out what you did wrong and to correct it.

This isn’t a new trend as Colgate actually has a toothbrush that penetrates toothpaste and works out where the plaque comes out.

If you have white light it means your teeth are clean, but if it is blue you need to keep brushing your teeth. This won the Health and Beauty Prize at the CES 2020 Innovation Award, and information from the manufacturer suggests it will hit the market next year.

Are you surprised at the prospect of an electric toothbrush? Please wait for this product to hit the shelves.

  1. Fitness bands

Fitness bands
Fitness bands

We have had them for over 10 years but their creators innovate a lot from time to time. There are similarities between some newer versions and smartwatches, although they are different.

With them you can send text messages, take calls, receive email notifications, and use all the typical services of an exercise group such as oxygen saturation, sleep statistics and monitoring. Pulse rate.

Some areas are also equipped with the ability to automatically track activities so that the group does not have to be stopped and rescheduled.

There are also inactivity reminders to move you to action when you have been inactive for a long time. Some of the wristbands are waterproof, others with GPS tracking and others with activity tracking capabilities.

  1. Connected racing consoles


Runners will love this new innovation that features insoles with sensors that can collect data as you run. NURVV models have 32 sensors, each of which operates at an astonishing speed of 1000 times per second.

After that, the information is sent to an Android or iOS app, depending on what the user has or prefers. On the device you will see a correct analysis of your execution.

Some of the information you can extract from the data includes speed, pace, balance, pronation, stride, stride length, and cadence. According to the manufacturer,

the soles can prevent injuries and are compatible with any type of running shoe. These insoles withstand puddles, mud and rain. But the question is, are they sweat resistant too? Let’s find out.


  1. Smart swimming goggles

Smart swimming goggles
Smart swimming goggles

This intelligent and innovative fitness device was also awarded the CES Innovation Award. The Vuvix product is intended for those who like metrics in training. You can get real-time training data from the front mini-display through the lens and configure it to be displayed on both lenses.

 Since this is a legitimate technology, it will cost money. These aren’t the kind of glasses you buy for $ 50. It will cost you up to $ 500.


  1. Smart scales

 5. Smart scales

5. Smart scales

Scales that don’t tell you how heavy you are are as old as possible. These new smart scale sets are equipped with sensors placed under their feet that calculate users’ BMI and body fat percentage.


What is the essence? Human muscles are heavier than fat, so people gain weight as they build muscle. The difference is indicated by the intelligent scale.

The results obtained by the scale can be synchronized with your phone in the form of a graph that records the changes, with some tweeting their weight. They work with electrical impulses. So if you have electrical devices or a pacemaker, avoid them.


  1. Smart jump


Rope has been innovated since the days of the playground. It’s like any other rope, yes. However, some now have a heads-up screen that shows your jump count in the air. Now you don’t have to worry about counting anymore as the channel can count and send to your phone. If the handles move while jumping, you can move the screen out of sight.

  1. The fork


The fork is a little longer here. We are therefore obliged to apologize for the fact that we did not provide you with this information a long time ago. This is about HAPIfork, not a device that can be connected to your bike.


It is, in fact, connected cutlery. In essence, HAPIfork is a fork that comes with an app that you can use to control your speed. If you eat now, the fork will regulate the speed. If you eat too quickly at the dining table, the fork will light up and start vibrating. This is to prevent quick food intake while traveling.

There is also the option to put it in your pocket and go to a restaurant with it. But don’t try to ask for peas when you want to use them.

The final tip is that you need to consult your doctor whenever you want to start a new exercise program. In addition, you should never rely solely on devices to monitor your health and fitness. They can never replace consulting a licensed healthcare professional.


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