Medical Gadgets for Home 2020-Must Read

medical gadgets for home

It is very important to take proper care of our health. In today’s age, it has become even easier. The reason is that a lot of advancements have been taken place in the field of medical gadgets for home.

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Science and technology have done a lot to make our lives easier than ever. It is even providing us with an indoor facility. Today we can do a lot of things all by ourselves just staying at our homes in our comfort zone and just using medical gadgets for the home.

In this article, we will have a look at the wonders of technology and how it has surprised us many times by coming with its medical gadgets now and then. 

Following are some of the amazing health and medical gadgets for home that you can use at your home.

1Roomba iRobot e5 (Best buy)

Many allergies take place just because of dirt. People who have asthma are very careful in terms of selecting their environment. Many people do not afford to stay in a dusty environment. Patients who are already suffering from disease must need to be kept in a clean and clear environment as they need proper oxygen and fresh air which is no polluted at all.

So keeping in view these things, Roomba iRobot E5 has been invented. Usually, people get so busy in their lives that they find no spare time for cleaning so that is how their home cleaning gets neglected. For that situation, Roomba iRobot is a perfect choice as it needs no human help at all. This robotic cleaning device assures you 99% cleaning as it gets into every corner of your house until completes its cleaning.

It comes with strong senses which allow it to even collect the animal hair. It is also capable to remove all the particles that can cause allergic reactions. This cleaner also comes with an app that you can install on your smartphone and start working while sitting anywhere. Isn’t it great? It can also be charged when its power gets down. 

2Alivecor KardiaMobile EKG Monitor

Science and technology have given us the relaxation of using and operating everything all by ourselves. All thanks to their inventions in the field of technology. Today we don’t need to visit hospitals to get ourselves checked in case if we feel unsure about our health. Many heart patients face emergencies where they have no time to rush to hospitals. So in that particular situation, they need to have something by their side which can help them immediately.

KardiaMobile EKG Monitor is a perfect choice for patients having any heart problem. It’s a small device which you can easily carry in your pocket and carry it wherever you want. This small bar like gadget can easily be fit in your pocket along with your cell phone. It comes with two sensors on which you have to place your fingers. Then it shows your heart rhythm right on your mobile screen.

That is how you can be sure about your wellbeing and you don’t need to go to any hospital. You can escape from any mental pressure or anxiety that makes you suspicion all your busy days. So from this gadget, you can get back your peace of mind by watching your wellbeing just one click away. 

3Muse Brain-Sensing Headband

Science and technology are not just limited to provide us with stuff that can be beneficial for our physical well-being. It is making many signs of progress and developments to improve our mental health and wellbeing. Many people nowadays are victims of depression and anxiety.

Even though it is not considered as an illness but it can be dangerous like other diseases if not cure in time. Some people even end up taking their lives because they find it hard enough to tackle depression. But now meditation has made such things easy as one can do self-analysis in a better way. For meditation, a brain-sensing headband has been introduced which helps a lot during meditation.

When you wear it, the headband transforms your brain activity and you can see relaxing sounds that keep you in a meditative state. It also has an app that can be installed on your smartphone and you can see all the data needed in the shape of waves. This headband can help your meditation even get better and thus you can improve a lot.

With the help of this headband, we can read the activities of our mind during meditation and it is because it comes with EEG sensors. As a result of Bluetooth technology, you can connect it with whatever device you want and see the results directly on your mobile screens. So just through this headband, we can know how it is improving our meditation.

4Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Low or high blood pressure problem is very common nowadays. Some people don’t take care and can’t manage to keep a balance and as a result, we hear that someone has died because of a heart attack. It happens when high blood pressure is not taken care of as it should be.

People now take it lightly and don’t realize that high blood pressure quietly starts damaging their bodies. They come to know when it is too late and the serious symptoms begin to show up. As every second person has blood pressure problems and complaining about it so here is the solution: now with the small portable device called wireless blood pressure monitor, you can monitor your health.

You can take this medical gadget for home wherever you want as it comes in small size and it is easy to carry it. So now in today’s age, it is hard to say that someone has died because of no medication. The field of medicine has become so advanced. Just a decade ago we use to hear that a large number of people died because of a disease which is considered a very mild disease today.

So it is all the wonders of science and technology. But besides everything, despite having so many facilities it is our duty too to take proper care of our health and make the immunity stronger as much as possible.

In this article we have shared with you medical gadgets for home. Please tell us in the comments about your views.


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