Latest Technologies & Realities 2020

Latest Technologies & Realities

In this article, we are going to share with you Latest Technologies & Realities. We hope that it would be interesting for you. You can also read our other interesting articles as well.

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1Face Recognition

It’s already been observed that how well the face recognition is doing. It is a very useful technology that makes access to our cell phones easier. Even Dubai airport uses the same technology for customers so that it may provide a smooth and better journey. 

It is obvious that with time the popularity and usage of this technology are growing rapidly. But side by side debate on this technology is going on which is, that this technology may gradually destroy the privacy of the public and get them in control of the state. So debates will obviously be there on its limited use.

2Extended Reality 2020

Extended reality is also called XR which is a term that refers and includes all the new and currently in use technologies. The future of extended reality is very bright. XR refers to all the mixed reality either it’s virtual or augmented.

Now it is important to know about VR and AR. VR or virtual reality is a digital experience of exploring the real world through headsets. In augmented reality/AR, the digital objects are put inside of our devices in the form of applications or extended reality games. Snapchat filters are a good example.

MR or mixed reality is highly advanced since it deals with both the real and virtual worlds at the same time. People can experience digital objects in the real world. So in simple words, it’s a co-existence of both the digital and real world. You can also take the example from a holographic piano which can be used through an AR headset. 

3Extended Reality System

Technologies like these came about a few years ago. They have confined the world of entertainment. According to the extended reality report, every person has a cell phone which means he has all the apps functioning through AR.

AR is the most prominent in-camera filters and games like Pokemon. We can expect a change in 2020 because the businesses are more into XR and its both forms.

Moreover, we can also expect that VR and AR will be widely spread and more common in training and simulation. It will also prove very useful in interaction with customers. 

4Uses and Benefits

A person who is much familiar and has a keen interest in tech and its growing advancement will also know that the current technologies are changing our lifestyle.

They are changing the way we work and communicate with each other. We can see the rapid change made by technology. It has changed the way of our lifestyle. How a person does business is now changed.

Everything is becoming digital and online. Touch commerce and machines are getting very popular and people are more into using them. 

Every industry is running on some technology trends that are necessary to know.

Following are some of the top tech trends that must be in your list in case you want to work in an industry:

5IoT (short essay on Iot)

IOT stands for the Internet of Things. The ultimate introduction to iot (Internet of things) is given below:

 It is the biggest technology trend in recent years. IoT means that different technological devices can be connected to the internet. And if we observe it is very true indeed. Now the question is that how IOT creates an impact on our lives or how Iot works? It all depends on the nature of the industry you are running.

There are so many types of industries and (Iot) internet of things Companies. They can be about marketing, advertising, business management, or media. These are the Iot examples.

6How Iot works?

Now the question is that how IoT is useful for industries. Let’s talk briefly about how IOT functions and plays a role in industries. IoT provides information regarding the customers’ interest.

It tracks their interaction. The interaction of the public and consumers with digital devices is tracked by IoT. This data collected and provided by IoT is very useful for marketing campaigns. This is the ultimate introduction to Iot.

7How it is Affecting Industries

IoT is not just changing our way of doing business. The business models that are used to do business are also hit by IoT. They are also changed. We can take an example from pay-per-use models.

This is the very common (Iot) Internet of things example. They are becoming very popular. One reason for that is it provides insight into every new customer data. 

8Machine Learning

Machine learning is another technology that is also very exciting. This technology depends on the computer. It is the ability of the computer that determines the data and also traces the repeating patterns.

You know when you use FB you can see suggestions and we often are familiar with people coming in those suggestions or people you may know option. Now we wonder how this app knows this.

There is no mystery behind this because these social media platforms use machine learning that functions as a spy. A mechanical spy that traces and tracks all your likes, search, comments, and shares and give you suggestion accordingly. It provides you that content first which is somehow connected to your closest connections. 

9How it is Affecting Industries

Machine learning is not only limited to provide its services for social media platforms. Rather it is also doing great for the companies that do business with customers. Google also uses machine learning which benefits in a way that even customers can use them offline without any network.

Now the question of how it is beneficial? It is because it enhances the popularity of the company. As it increases its range and its customers. So it makes them more available and meets the needs of the customers even at a large level. It establishes a very good connection between the company and the customer.

10Virtual Reality 

Virtual reality or VR has really been a very great component for the companies. It is adopted by many organizations as well. At first, it was popular among the video games but then it expanded and reached out to so many other things.

It has also reached companies. Companies adopt the technology in trend and then make the customers engage. That is how their market value and their sales increase. VR is also used for learning. It is used by many educational organizations. With time everyone is becoming aware of its importance and thus adapts accordingly. 

There are also so many technologies like touch commerce and cognitive technology that are also influencing the world by spelling their magic over human lives. So the point is that humans are greatly influenced by technologies and this is the reason the man is working and exploring every time to get the most and best out of it. 



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