Current or Upcoming Vaccines of Corona Virus

corona virus

I think this is going to be the most asked and searched question of 2020. It is because everyone is thinking and anxiously waiting for the virus to finish. So mainly everyone has this question in mind that when and how this virus is getting out of our life.

Since it is a virus so there is only one solution which is a vaccine. Without vaccines, it is not possible to get rid of this virus because it will only grow day by day and transfer from person to person. 

Many countries have been affected by the corona virus. And all those countries were highly advanced. So it is not that the lack of development creating a hurdle in the way of a vaccine for corona. Scientists are still researching this Coronavirus.

One major setback is that the virus spreads easily. So there must be a vaccine that can provide people protection against this virus by making their immunity stronger. This is the only way that seems to be saving people from the corona.

Now the question is how far the researchers have gone in their research about the corona and what progress can we expect?

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1Corona Virus Vaccine Latest Update

It is reported that there are a total of 200 groups of people who are working day and night to make a vaccine. It is also said that there are 18 vaccines which are even tested on people as well. 

According to the experiment, there were eight patients whose bodies were antibodies means they have enough immune system to fight against an unknown bacteria or a virus. So such bodies have the ability to neutralize the virus. 

In China, there was a vaccine that was thought to be safe and protective so they are available for the Chinese military. 

Many doctors and researchers are doing their best to make a vaccine that can prove useful against the virus but still, no one knows how effective these vaccines may prove. 

2Corona Virus Vaccine News

Now let’s come to the major question which is when we will get the vaccine? 

If we look back then vaccines take time to fully develop. It can take years as well. But doctors of today are saying that it will take them only a few months to achieve the same amount of work which the past generations took years for. All thanks to the advancement in the field of research and technology. Most experts think that the vaccine will be available in the mid of 2021. But still, there are no guarantees of those vaccines getting successful. 

But the thing is that it will not stop here. It is discovered that there will also be the next stage of this virus.  

There is no such vaccine that is officially announced as a fighter against corona. But doctors are repeatedly advising that people must take in good and healthy food to make their immunity strong. This is the only solution until now.

Following are some of the healthy foods which can definitely help you improve your immune system:


From ages, we’ve been hearing that garlic does magic when it comes to healing. It does not only enhance the taste but also provides several benefits regarding health. People use them frequently in soups. It is also very beneficial for controlling the blood and fighting against the cold. It can really enhance the immune system.


Just like garlic, ginger is also considered a must when cooking. It does not only give a flavor to your food but also helps you digest your food even more easily. Ginger is also considered effective in releasing muscle pain. It can overall promote your health. People have been using it as a remedy by mixing it with other ingredients from ages. 

5Coconut Oil

Coconut oil contains lauric acid and caprylic acid. Both of these acids are very good for empowering immunity system. You can even have it raw or by adding it to something you like. 

Vegetables rich in vitamin C are very good for your health. You can take it from vegetables like yellow, green or red pepper. You can also use them in your soups. 

6Anti-viral Herbs

There are also some herbs that are effective against viral diseases. There are some herbs like tulsi, oregano, and dried thyme that are considered very well for immunity.

You can also make mixtures all by yourself. You can make a combo by mixing these herbs with ginger-garlic. It will even enhance the properties and will give you an everlasting taste as well as immunity. 


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