Top 15 Craziest Concept Cars 2020


Concept cars are generally made for the auto show, and they are not drivable. They are like the models which are made for the publicity. Maybe if it gets enough popularity, then the company starts making it for free driving.

But the time for these cars is once up then they are either sold out or sent for display in the automaker’s office. They can also be donated to educational institutes for teaching purposes. They can also be sent to a fire station so that they can use it for training. 

Some companies sold their concept cars just to avoid crushing them. But the fact is that it is not a good idea. However, it happens from time to time, but even the fully functional cars are not built on the production standards. So it prevents buyers from driving them on roads or registering them. In this article, we will explore the top 15 concept cars of 2020.

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Following are the top 15 craziest concept cars of 2020.

1Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR

This car was inspired by a movie car. It comes with the vision of exceptional fast charging. And has a high voltage battery. This car is inspired by the movie Avatar.

It is also a very confident means without emissions. This car is totally a masterpiece that is very efficient in every way. The color scheme is just wow! Its tires are unique.

The car can also speak to the driver to know where you want to go. And it can also give you instructions. You just need to sit back and rest as the car will do the rest. It can be the most enjoyable ride ever to be created. 

2Renault EZ-Go

This car was introduced in the year 2018. It is a taxi concept which will be automated. It can be used as both a vehicle and also a vehicle for providing services. Its style is unique and exciting as its design is not traditional or typical. Its max speed is 31 miles per hour.

The inside of the car is quite relaxing and comfortable for the passengers. Its interior is also impressive and appreciable. It carries space for six passengers. 

3Genesis EssentiaConcept Car

This car comes with an elegant style. It is made according to the taste of the 21st century. And is designed in a way that it can connect to the driver and with the outer world too.

This car is an electric car and has all the battery technologies which are fitted into the central spine. Its price range starts from 48,900 dollars. 

4Terrafugia TF-X

It is a flying car which is under development. It has space for four passengers, and it’s an automated vehicle that works on gasoline.

Its range is 500 miles. Overall it is a dream come true car, and everyone is looking forward to its official availability. 

5Toyota LQConcept Car

This car can carry four passengers. Its style also seems unreal. It is also an automated is said that the vehicle will be ready for a test drive in June or September.

This car also has voice controls. It has all the features that can keep its driver happy throughout the journey. It provides all the information required to the driver while under supervision. 

6Citroen 19_19

This car is a vehicle of the future. The main feature of this car is its comfort. It mainly focuses on providing support to its customers than anything else and also targets to cover long distances.

This car is automated as well as manual. So the driver can drive it whenever want to. Its color is also beautiful. In short, it’d be fun to drive such a car in the future. 

7Audi Ai:TRAIL

This concept car comes with some unique features like it has no lights because it comes with two drones that light up the way for you. Isn’t it amazing?

So its performance at night wills what makes it unique. It can also be fully controlled by your phone. It comes with four electric motors. Its return on the of the road is 155 fantastic miles.

8BMW I Vision Dynamics Concept

This car is fully electric as the recent development in battery technology is very popular. Its top speed is 120 miles per hour, and it’s very suitable for everyday use and looks great.

The vehicle comes with a long wheelbase and flowing roofline. This car also paves the way for the other models of BMW. And we can expect what other models of BMW will look.

9DS X E-Tense

This car is really like a dream. As far as its look is concerned, it seems like it is a mixture or joining of two car models. We know that the world has become so advanced that today we can expect anything.

Similarly, this car is also an example of advanced technology. It can rehabilitate its structure even after an impact. It’s fully electric and automated, and its lights are also amazingly built. It also comes with very comfortable seating. 

10Lamborghini Terzo MillenioConcept Car

It is an electric car and comes with high capacity and has an electric motor. This car is also autonomous. The most impressive and beautiful thing about this vehicle is that it can get repaired by all itself in case of any damage, dent, or crack. 

11Aston Martin Lagonda Vision

This company makes some of the most beautiful cars. This car uses electric motors. It has plenty of room, and it can easily carry four passengers.

Its look is elegant and very impressive indeed. Its ceiling can also open up so the passengers can enjoy the ride. Moreover, the style of its doors is also very unique. 

12Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow

This car is an example of what cars can look like in the future. There is no chance of people getting any other vehicle when they have the availability of such amazingly superb vehicles. It is a one-seater car with its interior design on another level.

The vehicle comes with a touch screen on its steering part. Its top speed is 260 miles per hour. This car proves that the future designs of vehicles are going to be unusual as well as exciting. 

13Audi PB-18 E-Tron

It comes with the concept of an electric supercar. This car has three electric motors. It can be fully charged within just 15 minutes, and its design is also brilliant. Its interior is just as required.

Its seats can also be folded according to the requirement. For example, if you want to drive with no passenger, then the passenger seat can be adjusted, and the driver seat can quickly move to the center so that you can efficiently operate. There is no top speed confirmed for this vehicle, but still, it works well for rates of more than 186mph. 

14Honda Augmented Driving Concept

This car unveils the fact that in future the computers will operate the vehicles. Even its steering wheels are computerized and can take human directions through its sensors. This car comes with a lot of sensors that can take instructions from humans. It is a roofless car that looks cute and unique. 

15Renault Trezor

It is a two-seater vehicle. It has a red interior. Its style is unique and has an OLD touch screen. The vehicle’s roof can also be opened forward. This car has a concept which is considered as the most advanced concept ever. Its top speed is 170km. 

In this article we have shared very interesting concept cars. We really hope that you found it interesting as well. Please tell us in the comments about your views.


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