Coronavirus (COVID-19)-a Pandorabox


As obvious from the name, it is a virus which means that it is viral and can transfer from person to person. By the end of 2019, this virus hit China in Wuhan. This is a new disease that is under observation. Coronavirus affected around the globe, the worst victims of coronavirus are the United States of America, Italy, and Spain.

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1Common Symptoms of Coronavirus

There are many symptoms of this virus. Some of which are mild and some are severe.

At the initial stage, people may face fever and get dry cough or tiredness. If they face such a situation, they should immediately consult a doctor to avoid any other stages.

However, these are the most common symptoms diagnosed with corona patients

2Less Common Symptoms of Coronavirus

There are some symptoms that also indicate this virus but they are not very common. Aches and pains or rashes are one of them. One may get through diarrhea or sore throat like infections. 

3Serious Symptoms of Coronavirus

One must avoid getting to the serious stage where he will not be able to breathe properly. One will also feel pain in the chest or might feel pressure over the chest. Loss of speech and movement is also a major one. 

If you feel that you are facing mild symptoms, then you must try to cure them at home and should go for the option of home remedies. But in case if you think that you are going through some major symptoms then you should call the doctor and then make an appointment so that you get the proper treatment there. 

However, usually, it takes a corona minimum of 5 to 6 days to show up. However, this can also take 2 weeks as well. 

4Risks of Coronavirus

We all are now well aware of this virus as it has spread all over the world. There is no age limit for this virus. Anyone can go through this from children to older people.

However it is more prone to those who already have some kind of medical conditions like diabetes or heart problems etc. in such a condition, it is now our duty to protect ourselves. It is our duty to make our immune system stronger.

It is our duty as a human to not only protect ourselves by wearing masks or gloves but also take all the precautions that are even important to save the other people. Under the prevailing circumstances, social distancing has become a must nowadays. 

5Myths and Facts About Coronavirus

People must keep in mind a few facts related to the coronavirus.

  • People who think that taking antibiotics can help them get rid of this virus then they are at fault. The reason is that this virus does not come from bacteria so antibiotics won’t help them in this case. 
  • Another fact that people should take care of is the medical masks should not be worn once get damped. They should not wear it while doing exercise because that is how they can face difficulty while breathing. One should also make sure that their masks are tight enough to allow you to breathe normally. 
  • This is also a fact that most of the people who get COVID-19 also get recovered by taking proper precautionary measures. So all you have to do is increase your immunity by feeding your body with all the healthy and strong foods. Coronavirus news reveals many facts about COVID-19.
  • Some people have assumed that drinking alcohol will help them out in getting rid of this virus. It is totally a fabricated story as there is no such thing rather the use of alcohol will damage your health and make your position even weaker in fighting against the virus. 
  • Some people think that they can identify COVID-19 by a thermal scanner. It is not true. The thermal scanner is a good thing to identify fever but it can’t help you to detect COVID-19.
  • Everyone knows how desperate people are to recover from this virus. So some evil people sell out wrong drugs claiming that it will cure them of the virus.
  • Remember, several medical staff are working on it but there is no such cure identified yet. So always use any medication after consulting it from your doctor. If you don’t do this it may prove very harmful or may lead you to incurable results. 
  • Some people also have made stories that adding peppers or chilies will prevent this virus. This is totally wrong. It is true that adding spices and pepper increase the taste and we really enjoy it but claiming that it will prevent the virus is not true. 
  • The best thing one can do is to keep themselves and their surroundings clean and clear. Don’t forget to wash your hands every now and then. Do not touch your face with your hands as we never know what kind of germs our hands may have. Always let in a good and balanced diet. Try to stay hydrated and drink warm water. Just stay positive and maintain a good routine and don’t forget to do exercise daily and sleep well.



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