All You Need to Know About Coronavirus

About Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus?

It is a virus that has recently come to existence and which has no cure yet. Depending completely on the immunity system of a person, the virus can be harmful as well as curable.

People who are careless and don’t mind taking the precautionary measures then they are more prone to get into trouble. There is no age limit for corona to enter into the body and infect it. One must have to take precautionary measures before it is too late.

Today we will shortly talk about coronavirus: all the essential information which is necessary for everyone to know and be aware of. 

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How Dangerous is COVID-19?

It is a question which took the internet by storm. The reason is apparent: corona has spread all over the world. The virus has indeed damaged a lot of lives. We feel so bad for those people who have left and also for their families left behind in grief.

We from our childhood have been studying about the importance of our health. It is our health, which is the real wealth we keep. If we don’t take enough care of our health, then we cannot proceed further. We cannot make money or even do daily life tasks. So we can take corona as a reminder for all the people worldwide: a reminder to build our immunity strong.

It is also true that even in this advanced era, we are living; there is no cure for the dangerous virus yet. All we have to do is take in healthy food and get strong enough to fight in case of any emergency. Keeping yourself and the environment clean and bright is also a must.

We have to make our immunity strong enough to compete with the coronavirus. People who are already facing some diseases are even more prone to this virus. So again, it all depends on your immunity. 

Coronavirus Symptoms

About Coronavirus

We need to know every detail about the virus. That will help us to treat our health in a better way. We can then take proper actions right on time. Corona has some visible and less obvious symptoms, and we are going to discuss them all. 

  • More Obvious

The first stage is an initial stage from which one can cure himself and get out of the danger zone. Surprisingly, the coronavirus has some symptoms which an ordinary person can take so lightly like having regular flu, cough, or tiredness. One of the many reasons for so many deaths is that of the mild symptoms which were taken so lightly. 

  • Less Obvious

The less common symptoms of coronavirus include aches, pains, loss of taste or smell, or rashes on the skin. They can also show up in the form of diarrhea, sore throat, discoloration of fingers or toes, headache, and nasal congestion.

One of the so many other things to avoid is getting unnecessarily anxious and worried about the virus. You don’t need to extra tension because 80 percent of people are recovering by just staying at home and taking proper precautions. 

How Does the COVID-19 Spread?

As we know that it is a virus, so it is evident that people can get infected directly by interacting with people. The virus spreads from person to person. If a corona infected person sneezes, coughs, or even speaks, then there will be many chances of other people getting infected.

That is why doctors recommend everyone to maintain a proper distance of 1 meter. Besides, the droplets from the nose or mouth of a corona patient can also land on the surrounding objects like table, doorknobs, and handrails. If a person touches such surfaces and then touches his mouth or eyes, then he can also get virus-infected.

Washing your hands with soap or some alcohol-based hand rub now and then is very important. Twenty seconds duration for hand-washing is suggested by the doctors. Washing your hands with soap is always recommended as it provides defense against bacteria and viruses. So we should wash our hands now and then. We can clean them after interacting with someone and after touching some surface or object. We must wash our hands before touching our face, eyes, or nose. This way, we can keep ourselves more hygiene. 

Precautionary Measures for a Person Who Interacted With a COVID-19 Patient

About Coronavirus

The virus has taken control all over the world. So there is no chance that anyone who still does not know what this virus is and what are the precautionary measures. But if you were closed to someone and did not realize that the very person had COVID-19, and now you are worried that what you should do. Then here is the answer: 

In case if you have come close to someone and which means that you did not maintain 1-meter distance from the concerned person, then you can follow the following steps: 

  • 1st of all, isolate yourself even if you feel there are mild symptoms. 
  • 2ndly self-quarantine for 14 days. Monitor yourself and take great care of yourself. Self-isolation is the best choice in the early steps because you do not come into interaction with anyone around you. So there are no chances of getting the situation dangerous. 
  • If, after 14 days of isolation and self-quarantine, you feel and get tested COVID-19 positive, then take help from the doctors and do what is best for your immunity. You can get yourself admitted to a hospital or quarantine yourself at home. Many people are staying home in this pandemic and making their resistance stronger. 
  • There are many chances of you recovering from this virus only if you take proper care of your health. Choosing healthy food and keeping yourself and your environment clean and bright is the first and most important thing you can do to save yourself.

Maintaining a reasonable distance of meter is also a significant thing. One should also try his best not to get into the danger zone in the first place. And if one does, then he must be cautious about recovering from this virus.


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