Advancements in Science and Technology

Advancements in Science

1Introduction to Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Today the world’s demand is for clean and affordable energy. We can only acquire this energy if we do advancements in material science and technology. Hence, the needs of performance could meet regarding new power generating systems. It is essential to know about what are fuel cells?

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2Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are devices that produce electricity. As far as their work is concerned, they are very efficient and fuel flexible. They are also environmentally friendly. Solid oxide fuel cell is for sale. Now the question is why the world is so much in want for these cells. The answer is that they are unique.

They are unique in a way that they are not like heat engines for power generation. Solid oxide fuel cell companies are working on this. They are not conventional and yet unique in their way. They are getting everyone’s attention from research institutes to commercial industries. 

We will now briefly discuss the specifications and details about these cells. 

3From G to 4G: Background and Motivation of 3G Evolution   

The world has witnessed a lot of advancements in the field of technology. That is why today we see devices that were impossible even to think about 10 or 20 or even five years back.

We know that Moore’s law does not come under a Physics law. But it certainly gives us an insight and imagination of the electric devices that we see today. Colored and touch screens today at a cheap rate everywhere and all this was just an imagination. An imagination of such high memory in smaller devices.

4Evolution of Mobile Phones

In the past 20 years, a rapid change has been observed in terms of the user’s equipment devices. Today we see cell phones that are very easy to carry. But it was not of the same size 10 or 20 years back. There are devices that come with such high batteries that the users do not have to charge them daily.

If we look back even ten years ago things were different. In recent years The size, the quality, and the colors improved. These technologies were not available ten years back. Before that, it was a black and white screen. And which were unable to show digital photos in high quality. Also, those devices had keypads and not touchscreens.

5New Technology in Mobile Phones

The mobile companies now have added cameras in cell phones, which are mega-pixels capable of attracting the users worldwide. Now a day, new technology mobiles are also in use.

Today these colored and touchscreens are available and we can see it everywhere on mobiles as well as tabs. Back then, the cell phone had only one purpose, and that was communication. Today with so many advanced features, the mobiles today have become multi-purpose devices. The future of mobile technology is at its peak.

6Advantages of Network

If we talk about network, then again, there is much to talk about. A lot of technologies have paved so many ways so that the networks could be established.

Then stations with high-speed networks at low cost also introduced. There are better network systems in larger cities that reduce losses and energy costs.

We can rightly say that network coordination is capable of changing the topology of networks. 

7Steam Turbine Upgrades for Power Plant

Right after the 1970s, the efficiency of technology has been improved. With the help of 3D blade designs, Blade’s performance has been improved. And this was made possible by making improvements in computational methods.

Then there came advancement in sealing, which reduces the chances of leakage.

8Uses of Longer BladesAdvancements of Science

Other advancements in science are the Longer blade. Longer blades have been used for modern material technologies. Significant efficiency can be provided through single or double stages or modules. It is possible because of the increase in the height of the blade. We can see improvements because of the selection of the right type of technology for the application.

The reheater inlet temperature is reduced by an efficient HP turbine. Which contains a reduced HP exhaust temperature. If the IP turbine inlet temperature remains at a level of pre-retrofit, then some additional heat is needed to reheat steam.

It is important to know that in case there is no availability of additional heat. Then what will be the outcome? The result is that the reduced temperature will be able to reduce the retrofit benefit. And this will affect both the power and the heat rate.

9Ultrasonic cleaning and washing of surfaces

As necessity is the mother of invention. We can totally agree with this saying by seeing today’s advancements.

Now, the question arises that what is ultrasonic cleaning? Or what could possibly be an ultrasonic washing of a surface?

10Ultrasonic cleaning tips

To answer these questions there are some ultrasonic cleaning tips. This literally blows one’s mind. Actually, in this procedure, ultrasonic cleaning principles and sound waves with high frequency have also their usage.

And all this procedure is done in a liquid to enhance the removal of foreign contaminants from surfaces. An ultrasonic cleaner solution is also used.

The liquid which submerges the surfaces is ultrasonically activated. There are recently some developments made in ultrasonic washing. 

11Flexible Power Control of Photovoltaic Systems

In the field of power electronics, there have been some advancements. Because of advanced control functionality for power converters. This increases the possibility of taking the benefit of the advanced control for the PV system. To control the PV systems, these components are very important.

achieved through these components the functions of flexible power control are possible. There is a strategy MPPT control strategy. This strategy made to maximize the energy yield from the PV arrays.

However, it is not yet possible for this scheme to provide flexible power injections. It is so because the PV systems take out the maximum PV power during the operation. Through the modification of the MPPT control, Algorithm power control of the PV system is enabled.

In this article we have discussed Advancements in Science and Technology. We hope that it was interesting for you, Please share your views on advancements in Science and tech.


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