Awesome Flying Cars and Taxis Coming Soon

Awesome Flying Taxis and Cars

We all know how rapidly the world is growing in the field of technology. Every year, there are a lot of changes made by tech companies. Things we used to see in movies now have taken place in reality. Today we can hear that there will be flying cars and taxis that will be able to control the traffic on roads.

If we look around and think then we will know that we are almost living in an advanced world that has changed a lot and which is more like a sci-fi movie. We all know about the problems with traffic. It has become obvious that scientists and technologists have to sort the problem out as early as possible. And what we are hearing is even more interesting.

This project can only be taken and done by engineers who are highly intelligent and professional. Aeromobil flying cars of the year 2020 is very amazing and fantastic model. Features of various flying cars are discussed below in detail. You will find awesome inventions of the year 2020.

Let’s see how far the engineers and technologists have gone to make it possible. 

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1Uber’s VTOL Taxis 2020

All of us have heard the car company named Uber. Uber has made much advancement regarding their vehicle services. Uber is now looking forward to making its taxis which could fly! Isn’t it amazing? They are expecting their air-taxis to be available for the public in the year 2023. But keeping in view the company’s name and progress, we can expect that we will get the good news even earlier.

Before 2016, there was no such idea as air taxis or cars. But later on, they have taken the idea seriously and started even working on it in 2020. Uber is looking forward to having their first experience in cities like Dallas, Los Angeles, and Dubai.

The interesting fact is that they are planning all this to implement by the end of 2020. Uber Company heads towards making planes that will be different in their structure. Now if there are flying taxis then there should be sky ports as well. And those sky ports will take their residence in the cities where their services are available. So that’s why there will be no need for runways.

The planes are supposed to be automatic. However, there will be a pilot for any emergency so that he may take control back in his hands. These planes will come with a 150 mph range

This is a great idea to reduce traffic problems. It will completely transform the traffic system as well. Uber is very hopeful in their future planning and they assume that they will be able to do 1000 ladings hourly. So it is a crucial moment for the architectures since they have to work on structures that will be densely packed and in the area of about one acre. 

It will be an adventure in itself to watch all the ups and downs the company has to go through to make their dream come true. They also have to keep one important thing in mind which is the weather. And they have to plan accordingly.

They will have to select those cities with appropriate and compatible weather. Cities with very low chances of rain and other disasters will suit them the most.

They will have to be careful when planning about the skyports. Those places where space is luxury will be best for them. The more they think about this idea, the more they will get to know the requirements for their new idea. So this is going to give a tough time for the engineers and architectures as they all have so much work ahead of them. 

2Latest AeroMobil’s Prototype-Flying Cars

It is also another company that comes with the same idea. The company is hoping to make cars which will be supercars since they will have some superpowers. We can take this seriously because they are working on their fourth prototype.

They have thought of many ideas about the final form of their flying car. The unique thing about this car is that it cannot only fly in the air but also one can drive in on the road. They are designed in a way that they do not need specifically a sky port. Rather they are flexible and can take off normally from a runaway.

So this is an amazing feature to know. In other words, we can imagine that with the dual availability of this vehicle, they must come with wheels as well as wings. In addition to that, its drivetrain is also exceptional in terms of efficiency.

The company has not just stopped here. It is also investing its precious time and money into the development of an electric powertrain. The company will also take the help of other organizations to reach their goal.

3Latest Airbus VahanaFlying Cars and Taxis

This Company is up to making airbus which will exclude the need for any pilot since it will be self-sufficient. The company is well aware of the benefits of self-piloting. It also saves their money which could be spent on several pilots and obviously, the pilots demand much salary than a taxi driver.

Moreover, they don’t need to hire pilots also because their software engineers are well aware of how to create systems that will be auto-pilot. The auto-pilot system is even a better idea in running a taxi service since the taxi can automatically give all the services needed like going to services for maintenance and taking different routes depending on new orders.

The company gave its first try back in 2018. Though it was successful it could not rise above 16 feet into the air. However, the duration of its stay in the air was for 53 seconds.

The interesting thing is that it did all that by itself or through the autopilot system. Since its first flight, the company has given 50 tries and according to the company it is on its track for a 2020 debut.

4Modern Kitty Hawk’s Flying Prototype 2020

A very interesting statement has been recorded from the CEO of this company according to which their latest prototype is very easy to fly just like playing a Minecraft. They are very confident about their craft and the business it will make because of its convenient use.

This can also mean that there will be no need for a pilot license to fly it. The company’s CEO is working to create not only an air taxi which will be suitable for more urban environments but also a machine which could be fun for off-road.

The small personal flyer is like a drone which is much fun for those who want a quick flying experience. But its availability is not very much advanced yet so right now it’s just available for test flights at a lakeside.

5Amazing Volocopter 2X 2019

Volocopter 2X’s style is really exciting and cool. It was developed in Germany. It comes with 18 batteries. However, it doesn’t look very much practical but still, a full-sized test model was not only made but also was run. The Intel Company also made an effort to give it rise by making a little sponsorship for it. 

This fly machine can fit in two passengers. It is small in size and can fly for 30 minutes. This flying machine can cover 17 miles. Intel has also contributed by giving the facility of a parachute which is available with the fly machine in case of emergency.

Moreover, Intel also provides a complex tech. it also gives the facility of nine batteries which are packed with built-in redundancies. However, we cannot be so sure if this is going to be accepted by Dubai as the city has previously rejected other prototypes. Volocopter also gave its flying machine a tour over Singapore for two minutes back in October 2019. 

6Latest Moog SureFly 2020

This flying machine is made for the passengers who are looking for a flying experience that is not only long-lasting but also self-piloted. The original inventor was the workhorse company but after spending and facing the loss of multi-dollars, the company sold its invention to the Moog Company for 4 million dollars in 2019. The development of this aircraft is in progress and the digital trends are well aware of this.

The SureFly comes with a top speed of 75 mph. It’s also unique since it runs on gasoline. It also comes with a battery that can increase the time limit to ten more minutes if needed. Its initial version comes with the facility to carry a weight of 400 pounds but its 2nd version which is designed for more heavy-duty can carry up to 650 pounds.

This quality grabbed the attention of the American military. The SureFly is convenient in its use. There are only controls in the aircraft. There is also a joystick to control the direction. Throttle control is also available right at the door of the pilot. 

7Awesome Opener BlackFly-Flying Cars

A Canadian firm named Opener made this aircraft: the BlackFly. This aircraft is very different from the rest. It comes with both personal piloting as well as automatic features. Its automatic functions include automatic landing as well as automatic return home.

One doesn’t have to have a formal license to fly it. Its design is very unique and it doesn’t have wheels but still, it follows a traditional method. Both the wings have eight rotors which are like drones. It’s taking off style is also very unique. It can cover 40 miles at 72 mph. However, how want to fly their aerial vehicles can also enjoy this with limited numbers by the regulations. 

8Latest Terrafugia Transition Technology

The Transition is made both for roads as well as for sky. It is unique because of its style and its dual availability. Moreover, it also functions on gasoline. It can also boost up its speed while flying. Geely is now the owner of Terrafugia. Geely is capable enough to build a flying car by all. 

9Modern Ehang 184 Technology

It was very hard to believe for the eyes to see a fully automated VTOL flying car at the start. This modern car with a touch screen on which you can give instructions. It comes with the guarantee of safety and it’s also quite comfortable.

It feels like the Company is being a bit exaggerated in its development of the aircraft because the things the Company is claiming that they will happen have not happened yet. According to the Company, they have tested their model in all types of situations like wind pressures with extra weight, etc.

It sounds crazy. Isn’t it? Other claims by the company include that each of their taxis that will adjust itself according to the weather. They also claim that the main objective to create their flying machines was to fly in U-shapes from one port to another. 

10Joby Aviation- Flying Cars and Taxis

How it is going to work still holds a question mark. However, it can carry up to five passengers. Companies like Toyota and Intel are very much likely to invest in flying cars. They are willing to offer 100 million dollars to create an electric air taxi. We can see the model which is larger than the rest. It is also VTOL so it will work on a traditional aircraft along with many propellers.

11Latest Jaunt Aviation’s Helicopter-Airplane Hybrid 2020


Jaunt aviation teamed up with Triumph Group so that the flying taxi they are working on could come in reality. Many people do not appreciate the idea of helicopters because of their noise. So this company was highly concerned about this and for that reason, they made this tax which can easily take the passengers without creating any noise. It can fly at peace and without creating any disturbance. 

There are also so many other companies that are working day and night to create something which is not unique in its style but also comforts the passengers. Being humans we need a clean environment which should be pollution-free and this is the things which must be at the top on the priority list of the tech companies.

Before the need for any other advancement what we need the most is a clean and healthy environment. So the tech companies should create environmentally friendly things. As we all share one thing in common and that is the world we all live in so let’s just hope for its betterment!



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