10 Most Influential Gadgets for All Time


The list of 10 most influential gadgets is given below. These are the most advanced gadgets that can be used in homes, offices, and anywhere because these gadgets are portable and easy to use.

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1Top 10 Influential Gadgets

Google Glass

The price of the Google Glass is approximately $1,500. These are the powerful glasses and have the ability to send and receive the signals.

These glasses are having less weight and hence Google glasses are very easy to wear. After wearing theses glasses, we feel comfortable and also feel a change in our passion. You can use these glasses in your offices, bars and anywhere.

Yamaha Digital Piano


Yamaha Digital Piano is a very popular Piano and it has a small size. This Piano is a shorter upright piano by having modern qualities in it. You never have to tune it. This piano can be used in functions and it shows the best performance.

DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom is the most popular phantom in the world. It uses the computer vision to see and it also avoids obstacles without human intervention. Such the qualities make it easier for rookie pilots to fly.



Pedometers have been in this world for centuries but it is only Fitbit that welcomed the people of this century into the digital age. This gadget was first introduced in 2009. This gadget has an ability to track the user’s steps and sleep patterns. Most of the important thing is that it allows the users to upload all that data to the Company’s Website for the purpose of ongoing analysis. The Company sold more than 20 million of Fitbit in 2015.

Roku Netflix Player

Roku Netflix player was first introduced in 2010. This Roku Netflix player is having lots of features. Roku Netflix player is offering thousands of channels and all the channels are clear and having a good result. You can see almost all the channels with the help of Roku Netflix player.

Sony Discman D-50


In 1984, Sony unveiled the CD player. Just after passing a few years, the music industry adopted the format. Sony Discman D-50 helped the compact Disc as the dominant music format in the country of the US in just less than a decade.

Apple iBook-Gadgets

The iBook is having the bright color and covered with plastic body. This was the very first Laptop that was wireless. This is a portable computer and this latest iBook was grown into a serious business. The apple cofounder lifted off the desktop computers from their tables and walked across the stage.

Motorola Dynatac 8000x


Motorola Dynatac 8000x was the only first portable cellphone and it was launched in 1984. Mart Cooper firstly introduced this who was an engineer by profession. The weight of Motorola Dynatac 8000x is nearly two pound and its cost is approximately $4,000.

Palm Piolet-Gadgets

Palm Piolet was launched in 1996 and it was paving the way for BlackBerry and eventually today’s smartphone. It supports handwriting and was also capable of syncing data just like as contacts and calendar. This was the first one that people wanted and they also bought in droves.

Sony PlayStation-Gadgets


Sony PlayStation is the most popular PlayStation of the world because it has a lot of amazing features. The Sony Company marketed the PlayStation as a game system for the kids. This is also a family PlayStation and is also the most popular seller station of the world.


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